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Barack Obama Praises John Wall, Abe Pollin

When Barack Obama first took office, the Wizards were a laughingstock, on their way to 19 wins and the fifth pick in the draft. Two years later, the Wizards are on the upswing, thanks to some luck and the number one pick. So it's only fitting that Obama give them some love to John Wall and the Wizards in his TNT interview with Marv Albert last night (transcript via Turner Sports).

"(John) Wall is a terrific player. He's got NBA speed, NBA body, great jump shot, unselfish, really impressive. There's only upside for that kid. And I think it'd be great for him to come to Washington."    

Obama forgot to add the phrase "But I'm still not becoming a Wizards fan" to the end of that quote, but you know he was thinking it. Oh well. Maybe Wall can convince him otherwise this season.

Obama also had some nice words for former Wizards owner Abe Pollin. 

I became very close to Abe Pollin, who was a great supporter, he and his wife. He just passed away recently, but there's an example of a guy who constantly gave back to his community. I mean, almost single-handedly, he invested in downtown Washington at a time when it was in really bad shape, and you know, generated huge affection in this city and it was wonderful to see his widow there getting that number one pick. I only wish the best for that franchise."    

As for Wall, he appreciated Obama's kind words. 

Thanks president Obama for the shoutout!!!    

Mr. Wall, your next mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make our nation's president a Wizards fan. You can do it. I believe in you.