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John Wall Wondering How He'll Fit With Gilbert Arenas

As we all know, John Wall and Gilbert Arenas aren't exactly the most ideal fit. That doesn't mean they can't play well together, but it'll take some adjustments in their games to make it happen.

Or, more accurately, it'll take adjustments in Arenas' game, because Wall's made it pretty clear that he feels he should be the one playing point guard. Wall was on the Dan Patrick Show on ESPN Radio yesterday and admitted he asked the Wizards about how he'd fit in with Arenas.

"You know, we both are two good players. Gilbert Arenas is a great player, and we both need the ball in our hands to score. And I said how would I be able to do what I need to do to run the team if that's who I get picked by, if he needs the ball to score a lot? They just said they would work it out and see how it feels, and if they wanted me and they picked me, that he would move to the 2 guard spot....I want to be a point guard. I want to be the leader. I want to help an organization change and make my teammates better and win games."    

(Transcript via Dan Steinberg).

Here's hoping the Wizards' plan is more complex that "we'll work it out."