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Half Smokes Hypothetical: Stephen Strasburg's Worst-Case Scenario

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Half Smokes Hypothetical is a daily discussion that's not meant to be based in reality. Please don't take it too seriously.   


In light of Steve Phillips' ridiculous assertion that the Nationals should trade Stephen Strasburg for Roy Oswalt, there's been a discussion over which pitchers would bring back fair value if they were traded for Strasburg. Tim Lincecum? Roy HalladayZack Grienke


But let's take this to the next level and bring history into the mix. Let's say you had to trade Strasburg for a past pitcher's career. In other words, instead of Strasburg, you'd have that pitcher pitching exactly how they pitched in their career for however many years they pitched. My question then is, whose career represents the worst career you'd trade for? In other words, what's a realistic worst-case scenario for Strasburg?


Let's try to limit this discussion to pitchers who didn't succumb to injuries, so no Mark Prior or Kerry Wood.