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Is Gilbert Arenas Actually Better Off At Shooting Guard?

There has been so much made about how John Wall will fit next to a guy who also plays point guard in Gilbert Arenas that people are forgetting a very important fact; Gilbert Arenas isn’t really a point guard. As Michael Lee points out, Arenas might in fact be more comfortable sliding over to the off-guard position.

Arenas could easily switch to shooting guard and be effective playing with Wall. He was a shooting guard in his two seasons at Arizona. And, when he shared the backcourt with Larry Hughes in his first two seasons in Washington, Hughes led the team in assists both seasons. Arenas actually enjoyed not being the lone playmaker on the team. At times, the responsibility frustrated him last season under Saunders’s system.

This raises the question that confronts all combo guards at one point or another in their career; just because they dribble the ball over half court, does that make them the point guard?

Arenas is undoubtedly a better scorer than distributor, so his skill set does make more sense at the 2 guard. He may have just had the ball in his hands so much in the past because, well, who else on the Wizards was going to bring the ball up? So in theory, Arenas might not only be able to fit next to Wall, he may thrive there.