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Report: Strasburg To Debut Against Pirates

If you’ve been trying to buy tickets for Stephen Strasburg’s debut at National’s park, the club certainly isn’t making it very easy for you. First it seemed like June 4th was the logical choice, but then GM Mike Rizzo said that no date has been set.

Now Bill Ladsen, who writes about the Nationals for, has suggested another possible timetable:

The Nats are tentatively planning to have RHP Stephen Strasburg make his Major League debut against the Bucs at Nationals Park in June.

That series with the Pirates is a three game set that starts on Tuesday, June 8th. Ladsen continues:

No date has been set yet for Stephen Strasburg’s debut. The Nats plan to give everyone five or six days notice before the start.

So fear not; when the Nationals decide to finally reveal the date they plan to unleash Strasburg on the District, you will still have plenty of time to buy tickets.

Debuting Strasburg against the Pirates would be surprising only because its a mid-week series. One would think the Nationals would want to use a Friday night game, to take full advantage of the accompanying hysteria.