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Stephen Strasburg Is Not The Biggest Debut At Nationals Park

The real waiting game is over. After months of speculation, it has been confirmed that David Archuleta will be performing the National Anthem live at Nationals Park on June 9th. Fans of popular culture and sultry crooners can buy tickets to the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates while safely knowing they will get their money's worth.


What does this mean for young Nationals' phenom Stephen Strasburg? Betting men would urge you buy tickets to the game on the 9th, as the Nationals will be bringing as much star power possible into the building. Archuleta's appearance will dwarf the previous appearances of such notables as Elliott Yammin.


Personally, I am going to buy tickets to the other games against the Pirates.  You don't want to burn the crowd out early with the excitement of David Archuleta, and leave them unable to support Strasburg.


(Okay, David Archuleta has been booked for over a month. Hopefully, Strasburg will clock him with an errant fastball).