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Report: Source Close To Stephen Strasburg Says 'Looks Like' He'll Debut On June 8

Everyone's being very careful not to say too much about the specific date Stephen Strasburg will make his Major League debut. Yesterday, the Nationals said they "tentatively" were planning on having Strasburg start in the June 8-10 series against the Pirates. 

Today, it appears that date might be June 8, according to a source close to Strasburg. Via Yahoo! Sports' Tim Brown:

Source close to Strasburg on debut: It looks like June 8, but that could change.    

As anyone following this story knows, the June 8 date is hardly set in stone, so don't go buying your tickets yet. Still, June 8 would make a whole lot of sense. It's the first game of a series against a team likely to be overmatched, and it's at home.

Then again, June 4 also made a lot of sense, so ... yeah.