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Channel Surfing Guide: May 27, 2010

Tonight's recommended options:


RIGHT NOW - Nationals @ Giants, MASN. Hey, they're winning!

7:00 PM EST - Athletics @ Orioles, MASN2. So hey, remember when Dave Tremblay was supposed to be the answer for those guys? Ha!

8:00 PM EST - ACC Tournament, Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech, CSN. I don't know where Maryland finished in the ACC this year, and I don't really want to know.


9:00 PM EST - Suns @ Lakers, TNT. For those of you who want to go back to 2001 and imagine the Wizards with Pau Gasol instead of Kwame Brown, this game's for you.

Auto Racing

7:00 PM EST - Coca Cola 600 Qualifying, Speed. Honest question: how different would DC be if, say, RFK Stadium was a racetrack instead of a field? Would DC residents care?


8:00 PM EST - FC Dallas at Chicago, ESPN2. These teams might be better than DC United, but they didn't beat AC Milan in a friendly, so ha!


8:00 PM EST - Community, NBC. You know, the writers of the show once wrote a popular sports blog back in the day.