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Redskins Reportedly Still Interested in Brian Westbrook

Amid the furor surrounding Albert Haynesworth and the excitement over the arrival of Donovan McNabb, the Redskins are still quietly pursuing Brian Westbrook in an effort to bolster their already swelling running back corps.

According to Redskins Insider, Mike Shanahan sees a very specific value in adding Brian Westbrook to team as he would serve as valuable third down back who can either pass or catch.

Shanahan has even gone to the lengths of recruiting Westsbrook's brother Byron to the process:

"I'm trying to talk to his brother a little bit, trying to get in good with him," Shanahan said. "I'm not sure it's helped a whole lot, but I'll keep on trying."

Other teams besides the Redskins reportedly interested in Westbrook are the St. Louis Rams and Denver Broncos. Westbrook passed a physical in St. Louis, so there are evidently no lingering concerns about concussions or ankle problems.

The only question left is how many running backs do the Redskins possibly need? Are they starting a retirement home?