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Morning Commute: Hey Nationals, Enough With The One-Run Games

Everything you need to know about DC Sports in one place.

There's a legitimate argument to be made that the Nationals got robbed last night. Adam Dunn appeared to hit a home run in the seventh inning, but it was ruled a double even though it looked like it hit off the top of the brick wall in right field. If that gets ruled correctly, the Nationals probably win.

But that's not the point here. My point is, it'd be nice if the Nationals stopped playing so many close games. If it feels like they are always in one-run games, it's because they are. As Mark Zuckerman notes, 17 of the last 22 games the Nats have played have been decided by one or two runs. That's insane.

It's also a sign of a team that's not any better than .500. Which is fine, I guess, considering the expectations, but it's also not playoff-caliber. And while this quote from Tyler Walker was funny, it's also, well, a bit depressing.

"It's bear hunting. Sometimes you get the bear, and sometimes the bear gets you. Too bad we were on the bad end of it today."    

Sure, whatever dude. 

So that sums up the Nats' day yesterday. How about everyone else?

Redskins: They're still interested in Brian Westbrook, and Albert Haynesworth was reportedly blindsided by the lawsuit against him.

Wizards: Still sitting around. Hey, guys, isn't it time you start working out prospects?

Capitals: They'll be going to Pittsburgh for next year's Winter Classic, even though it'd be awesome at Nats Park.

United: Still basking in the glow of beating AC Milan.

Maryland: The women's lacrosse team is preparing for the Final Four, while the men's lacrosse team keeps preparing to find a new coach.

Georgetown: Nothing, except for Casual Hoya hitting a milestone yesterday.

Best of the Network yesterday: Testudo Times wonders why Greivis Vasquez doesn't get any love on the draft boards. 

On SBNDC today: It's Friday! Memorial Day Weekend! Go enjoy yourself.