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Capitals-Penguins In The Winter Classic Is About The Casual Fan

Supposedly, there are a number of hockey fans who are a bit fatigued with the whole "Sidney Crosby vs. Alex Ovechkin!" thing. As a Wizards fan who got tired of all the LeBron James love, I certainly understand the sentiment.

But let's get real: the Winter Classic is about the casual fan, and the casual fan wants Ovechkin/Crosby. As Greg Wyshynski writes:

There's a strong contingent of hockey fans that are Ovechkin vs. Crosby'd out, and felt that the Penguins getting a second outdoor game (they previously played back in 2007 2008 vs. theBuffalo Sabres at Ralph Wilson Stadium) before a team like the New York Rangers gets a first was outlandish.

Bottom line: The Winter Classic isn't for the die-hards. It's for the casual fans hooked by the spectacle of outdoor hockey, and Sidney Crosby vs. Alex Ovechkin means something to the SportsCenter-watching casual sports fan that's just looking to nurse a hangover and watch sports on New Year's Day.

Look, hockey dieharts, you got your wish last year with Flyers-Bruins, and the TV ratings were way down. So spare me your whining.