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Report: Albert Haynesworth 'Blindsided' By Lawsuit

It's looking more and more like Albert Haynesworth is going to fight against a claim made by a Brooklyn exotic dancer that Haynesworth impregnated and then left her despite promising to support her. TMZ Sports quotes a source close to Haynesworth who says Haynesworth was "blindsided" by the lawsuit.

We're told the Washington Redskins superstar has privately acknowledged having a few sexual encounters with the woman during Super Bowl week back in February, but he's adamant that he used protection. 

Our source also tells us Haynesworth has said he will "absolutely" take responsibility if the woman can prove the child is his. 

We're also told Albert says he never dated the woman ... even though she reportedly claims they carried on a relationship after Super Bowl week.     

Haynesworth and the Redskins have stayed quiet on this issue for the time being.