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Should Josh Willingham Be An All-Star?

I'm a homer, so I say yes. With the way he's been producing over the past month, I think it's a no-brainer. But the truth is, Josh Willingham still isn't really a household name. He definitely won't be voted in as a starter, and managers will likely pass him over for other more well-known players.

At the same time, Willingham's numbers are hard to ignore, as MASN's Ben Goessling writes.

Should Willingham be in the All-Star conversation? It's a different question than asking if he'll get in; he's not a big name, and the Phillies will have a few reserve candidates at the position with Charlie Manuel making the picks. But Willingham is among the NL leaders in several key offensive categories -- second in WARP, first in OBP, fourth in OPS, tied for sixth in homers, first in walks, and so on. Maybe I just answered my own question.    

Yup, Ben, I think you just did. Let's start the movement!