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Report: Stephen Strasburg To Make Major League Debut On June 8

At long last, we may have an actual debut date for Stephen Strasburg. Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo reportedly told’s Bill Ladson that Strasburg will pitch for the Nationals on June 8 in their first of three home games against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

#Nats RHP Stephen Strasburg will make his MLB debut on June 8 against the Bucs, according to GM Mike Rizzo. I’ll have more on

Rizzo’s actual quote is as follows:

“Along with [pitching coordinator] Spin Williams and pitching coach Steve McCatty, we had a plan in place since Spring Training [for Strasburg],” Rizzo said. “We believe he is ready to go. We like that Stephen could bounce back from touch [sic.] outings.”

Everyone might want to hurry and get their tickets before that game is inevitably sold out.