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Vasquez Hoping Wizards Will Consider Him With One Of Their Two Late Picks

The Washington Wizards, in addition to having the No. 1 pick, also have two later picks (30 and 35). They’re looking at different players for those picks, including Maryland’s Greivis Vasquez. Vasquez worked out with the Wizards on Monday and indicated he’s hoping the Wizards give him a lot of consideration with one of those two picks.

“They’re obviously looking at me. Anything can happen. We’ll see if I’m going to be up to that pick [referring to the Nos. 30 and 35 picks the Wizards possess in addition to the No. 1 overall choice] or not. They’re trying to rebuild the team, and obviously he told me I did a good job. It was a great meeting."

But Vasquez also said he’s not really concerned with where he gets picked, pointing to players such as San Antonio’s DeJuan Blair or Utah’s Wes Matthews as guys who outperformed their draft position.

“I’m not really afraid of the draft. I think going through the whole process last year and seeing the guys who got drafted second round or guys that got undrafted. Wesley Matthews got undrafted. DaJuan Blair was a second rounder. It’s not about whether I go fifth in the draft or (No.) 20 or (No.) 35 or second round or undrafted. It’s just the right fit. Maryland was the right fit for me for four years. I want to be with the right team in the right situation. I want to develop my game into a level where I become a big-time pro, and it’s going to take a little while. You know, a lot of people get caught up with whether I go middle first or late first or high second. I just want to be with the right team in the right situation.”