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DC Talking Points: Strasburg, Haynesworth And LeBron ... OH MY!

The run-down of the week that was in Washington D.C. sports.

Stephen Strasburg is coming ... but not until June 8.
Stephen Strasburg is coming ... but not until June 8.

Welcome back to reality, sports fans. There's not much worse than sitting back down at your desk after a three-day weekend. I know what you're saying: "If only it could've been just one day longer." Am I right?

Well, if your weekend was anything like mine, it was full of bar-b-que, beer and various stores with heavily discounted wares ... oh wait, that's what my weekend should've been. Instead, I was in Milwaukee for a wedding. Not quite the same, but I digress. What better way to jump start a new week than to take a look back at some of the stories you might have missed over the past few days?


In case you missed it, Stephen Strasburg will make his first Major League appearance for the Washington Nationals on June 8. Everyone should know this by now, and if you don't, well, consider yourself informed (and good luck getting a ticket). The real story about this, however, is what is going to happen on June 4? This is the date that most people, including myself, mistakenly thought that "Jeezus" would make his debut ... our bad. Will everyone go to this game that they have tickets for even though some people might feel ripped off? I am hoping so, as I would love to sit and watch a sell out at Nats Park that isn't entirely made up of Red Sox, Mets or Phillies fans.  

Other tidbitsJustin Maxwell got sent back down to Syracuse, Scott Olsen's shoulder still is hurting and the Nats broke out of an offensive slump on Monday night racking up nine runs in the 7th inning, beating the Astros 14-4. If you need more Nationals info for the past week, you'll just want to Needham's National's week in review.


OTAs went on and position battles are starting to emerge. I urge you to click on that story and answer this question: "Is anyone else REALLY concerned that either Stephon Heyer or Artis Hicks is going to be the starting right tackle for the Washington Redskins?" I know Meringolo isn't worried, but I sure am. Heyer hasn't exactly impressed anyone in this city for the past three years and Hicks has started 13 games in the last three years, with just three starts last season. Chris Foerster has his work cut out for him.  

- Santana Moss tells teammates he got treated ... but Moss says he didnt use HGH. I'm thinking Moss should amend his statement to "I didn't KNOWINGLY use HGH." That one word will make a lot of difference in the eyes of certain people in authoritative positions, methinks. Shift the blame and he could be the victim here, deny and it looks like he's hiding something. I think I should've gone into PR.  

Haynesworth's got baby mama drama! That's right, the Albert Haynesworth media hate machine keeps rolling with this week's new attack on Big Al. I'm starting to feel bad for this guy. It's almost like Snyder already paid this woman to come out and spread more bad press on Haynesworth. How stubborn is this guy anyway? At this point, shouldn't he just go to camp to stop this? It's like a staring contest and he's got two glass eyes.  

Other tidbits: Dan Snyder wants a Super Bowl in DC, Cindy Boren left the Redskins Insider, the great Dan Steinberg transcribes all the details of Joe Jacoby's bachelor party.


Bullets Forever keeps evaluating the 2010 Wizards. Next up: Randy Foye. Sadly for Foye, that was probably the only mention he had in the media all of last week, but there was another player that EVERYONE was discussing. Surprisingly, it was not John Wall either. No, the player that everyone was talking about was The King, Lebron James, and whether or not young Bron Bron would possibly want to sign with the Wizards.

Personally, I don't see a team consisting of Wall, Arenas, James and Blatche working unless the NBA starts playing the game with 4 balls instead of 1. There's just too many mouths to feed otherwise. Say it with me, Wizards fans. "Complementary. Players." That is what the team needs, not a mess of me firsts fighting each other for the ball. 

Other Tidbits: Pre Draft Workouts continue, and Grevis was there


The Caps are in the Winter Classic! The bad news is the game isn't in DC, but the good news is that the Captials probably will get the game some time in the next three years. So ... the NHL is saying I might get the chance to sit outside in the freezing cold, possibly in the middle of a snow storm, for about two and half hours, watching my team play hockey on a foreign surface and risking the possibility of injury while staving off frostbite and/or hypothermia?? HOLLA!  

Other Tidbits: Japers Rink keeps wrapping up the past season, now up is Alex Ovechkin, some great pics from the World Championships.

Other News

DC United is starting to get some momentum; hope it's not too little, too late. 

- Maryland is recruiting like MAD.  

- UVA's LAX team lost in the semifinals to Duke and their baseball team is the fifth overall seed for the NCAA Baseball Tournament.