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Morning Commute: Why The Nats Will Be The Next 'In' Team

Everything you need to know about DC Sports in one place.

We all know how this town works. Unless you're the Redskins, the size of your fanbase depends on how much you're winning and how much buzz you generate. So with that said, let me throw out this prediction. Assuming they become a winning club, the Nationals will be the next team to capture the city. 

Obviously, they have to win, and they have to win consistently, which they haven't done yet. But it all makes sense. For one, Stephen Strasburg is arriving, and as any casual baseball fan will tell you, there's nothing like cheering for a team with a dominant pitcher. Orioles fans stuck around to watch Mike Mussina even though the team was crumbling. Red Sox Nation was revived by Pedro Martinez. Etc. If Strasburg is as good as advertised, the casual fans will come out of the shed.

It's more than Strasburg though; it's other youngish guys like Drew Storen, Ryan Zimmerman, Luis Atilano, Ian Desmond, Tyler Clippard and John Lannan. Those guys can be the core of the team for several years to come. Throw in your requisite placeholder veterans and (eventually) Bryce Harper, and this has the potential to be a team that's very good for a long time. 

They have to get it done, of course, but I suggest jumping on the Nationals' bandwagon now before it gets even more crowded.

Anyway, here's what you need to know about all the teams in our region today.

Nationals: They blew out the Astros yesterday, chasing possible trade target Roy Oswalt early in the game. Well, actually, Oswalt chased himself, because he was thrown out arguing balls and strikes. Nyjer Morgan was moved down to second in the order, and responded with a big game. Cristian Guzman hit leadoff instead, but here's an argument for acquiring Kansas City's David DeJesus to fill that spot. 

Redskins: Today is June 1, which means it's the last day to extend restricted free agency tenders to Carlos Rogers and Rocky McIntosh. 

Wizards: They worked out six players yesterday (including Greivis Vasquez) and will work out six more today (including Eric Hayes). Gilbert Arenas was there. Hmm...

Capitals: They're still playing in the 2011 Winter Classic in Pittsburgh, and should do so in throwback jerseys.

United: Two in a row! Two in a row! (By the way, you can watch last week's win over AC Milan in its entirety here).

Maryland: Former lacrosse coach Dave Cottle is reportedly in the running for the Penn State job.  

Georgetown: Greg Monroe continues to get criticized for his high body fat. Casual Hoya writes about why this criticism is dumb. 

Read of the Day: This article by ESPN Soccernet on DC United's unique youth training academy is really enlightening.

On tap at SBNDC: Brian has a feature up on Ted Leonsis and Red Auerbach, and Kyle's media column will be up later today.