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Video: Eric Fehr: Movie Star, And DC's Other Acting Talent

Because the Washington Capitols season ended so much earlier than expected, the players have had a lot of extra time on their hands. So much so in fat, that right winger Eric Fehr spent some time making a fake movie trailer with some of his friends.

Trailer (via shaneadamfriesen)

Its refreshing to know money doesn't change people; professional athletes do the same lame stuff we all did when we were bored.  This trailer begs the question, which other athletes could hold their own up on the silver screen? The top five potential DC athlete actors, after the jump.

5. John Wall/Stephen Strasburg - At the end of the day, the movie industry is about the Box Office. We've already seen that these two will sell some tickets.

4. Clinton Portis - Is there a more entertaining interview in the NFL, let alone the Redskins, than Clinton Portis? You can always count on the master of disguise to come to the podium with a new costume, and something to say that will make you go, "huh?" He'd be perfect for the enigmatic bad guy character who tries to make the world share his skewed perception of reality. He's not crazy, ITS ALL YOU WHO ARE CRAZY!!!

3. Javaris Crittendon - I'll admit, I've never heard him speak, but we know he can take direction. Zing!

2. Alex Ovechkin - There are three or four Bond movies that I think would actually be BETTER with Ovechkin playing the villain. He's got the accent, the ill-temper, and the reckless abandon needed to be a formidable opponent for 007. I think Casino Royale would have been much better with Ovie at the table instead of that guy who cried blood. The only problem is Ovechken might come off as even more bad-ass than Bond himself, and that would screw up the whole story structure.

1. Donovan McNabb - Donovan has been acting his entire career. Every day people ask him if he's still mad at Terrell Owens, and he calmly explains that he is over it. ACTING! When he got shipped out of Philadelphia and his former teammates and fans crucified him for not bringing a title to Philly, he claimed he understood their frustration and accepted being the target of their ire. BRAVO!All the acting McNabb had to do just to stay alive in Philadelphia could win him an Oscar.