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John Feinstein To 'Redskins Live': Get Off My Lawn

Has there ever been a more appropriately named blog than John Feinstein's latest incarnation, "Feinstein on the Brink?" He seems like he is on the brink of a full on meltdown in just about all of his posts. I'd like to think he is just trying to stir up stories, instead of being this worked up over what appears to be fairly regular if not unspectacular occurrences; but after a recent post he made me fear it might actually be the latter.

Take for example a recent post he made regarding the Redskins and their coverage on the local Comcast affiliate, specifically the show, "Redskins Live." We break down the most intriguing part of Feinstein's over-reaction word by word, after the jump.

There’s a truly awful...

This is my blog, and I'll be biased if I want to, biased if I want to, biased if I want to. that airs on Comcast called ‘Redskins Nation,’ which is a daily infomercial on the wonders of the team.

A show is trying to drum up interest in its subject matter? Blasphemy!

If you were to watch this show—and staying in the same room with it for five minutes is a major challenge—you would think the Redskins were about to begin their quest for a fifth straight Super Bowl title.

Because three years ago we all knew the Saints would super bowl contenders this year. This is a league where greatness is determined seven, maybe eight years in advance. The Redskins have no hope to be good in any of our lifetimes.

Anyone—ANYONE—who criticizes anyone or anything about the organization is labeled, “a hater,” by the ineffable host.

I just learned the word "hater" from the MTV, trying it out. Not really sure what it means, but who cares, I think its working.

I asked once WHY the show was allowed on the air.

Can you believe I did some real research? Me neither.

The answer was simple: It’s the highest rated show Comcast has.

Turns out people are generally optimistic and don't like to watch their favorite team be bashed for 30 minutes every week. This is a concept I am unfamiliar with.

Talk about the apocalypse being upon us.

Television stations making decisions based on found business strategies instead of what I think? What kind of world is this becoming??