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Channel Surfing Guide: June 2, 2010

Tonight's recommended options:


8:05 PM, ET - Nationals @ Astros, MASN 2. Houston SP Brett Myers had a great May. The Nats scored 14 runs yesterday. Something's gotta give.

7:10 PM, ET - Phillies @ Braves, ESPN. It's never too early to start scoreboard watching, and these two are at the top of the heap in the NL East.

7:05 PM, ET - Orioles @ Yankees, MASN. Yawn, but even if you no longer care about the O's, you still care about hating the Yankees. That should count for something.


6:00 PM, ET (RIGHT NOW!) - A countdown of the top draft busts, NFL Network. I have a feeling there's a Redskin in there. Don't be shy, Heath Shuler.


7:00 PM, ET - Broad Street Bullies, HBO. If you've yet to see this, make sure to tune in or at least set your DVR. You hate the Flyers, but you love hockey.


7:30 PM, ET - Seinfeld, TBS. Classic episode: "The Wink".


8:00 PM, ET - Texas Steak Cookoff, Food Network. I can't even begin to explain how stoked I am to watch this.