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Looking For Tickets For Strasburg's Debut? More Are On The Way

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If you’re a Nationals fan, you probably want to attend the debut of Stephen Strasburg (aka Jesus). If you want to do that, you’ve probably been looking for decently priced tickets for the June 8 matchup with the Pirates. And if you’ve done that, you’ve probably discovered that the Nationals aren’t currently selling single-game tickets for that date.

Don’t worry, though, that doesn’t mean it’s sold out. Straight from Stan Kasten via Bog, here’s the strategy:

Over the next couple of days, we’re gonna try to take care of season ticket holders, and possible future package purchasers out of the allotment we’ve reserved. I would anticipate still having some left to release after that (though I can’t be sure). So yes, I would keep checking.

Translation: the Nats are giving out tickets to the season ticket holders first, as they rightfully should; those poor souls deserve something. After that, they’ll try to entice you into purchasing a June 8 ticket as part of a ticket package included with a few other games later on in the year. Prudent move on their part; it ensures not-completely-empty stadiums if people take ’em up on it.

But don’t worry; if you never took the season-long plunge and aren’t looking to snag some quality seats for a late August matchup with the Marlins, your time will come. That time will probably be, as Dan Steinberg suggests at the above link, this Friday, when the season ticket-holder offer expires. Other than that, there’s always the overpriced StubHub route.