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Roy Oswalt Would Accept Trade To Nationals, But Don't Believe The Hype

It appears as if Roy Oswalt is saying the right things to get a trade to happen down in Houston. Via The Nationals Journal

"They've been playing well," Oswalt said. "They've got a good offensive club."

Well if that isn't a ringing endorsement I don't know what is. While some people out there think that this trade could actually happen, I happen to disagree. The fact remains that the odds of this trade going down have got to be low because the Nationals' minor league system is still pretty atrocious.

The Astros are not going to give away Roy Oswalt just because we can take his salary, they are going to want players.  Good ones. After Stephen Strasburg and Drew Storen how many good, young players do the Nationals have left to deal? None immediately jump to my mind.

Sure they could package several decent players together to make a deal but why would they want to give up any of the depth they've very recently acquired all for a short term rental on a pitcher?  

So while it sounds great to speculate on the the Nationals making a move to get into prime playoff position, we all know that even with Roy Oswalt this is not a World Series team. If they are not a world series caliber team then mortgaging any part of the future of the team is foolish. There is no way this is part of "The Plan", sorry kids, there should be no Oswalt for the Nationals this year.