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Alexander Ovechkin And The Most Fun Anyone Has Ever Had

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If you love Alexander Ovechkin, you have to follow the blog Alexander Ovetjkin. It has near round the clock coverage of Ovie, and that includes what he is doing this off season. Below is the pick of the litter, from a boating trip he recently took in Turkey with teammate Alexander Semin, and all of the dancers from a Moscow nightclub.


"The girls were crazy of Alex the Great" Why yes, they certainly were.

More pictures after the jump.

From the same trip, and with what appears to be the same girl:


I like to think that they're doing karaoke for Living On A Prayer.

And from a friend's wedding he attended, also with Semin.


First, of course he doesn't have to wear a tie, and frankly I think its a little presumptuous of you to even suggest it.

Second, that is exactly the type of room I picture when I hear the words "extravagant Russian wedding." The gold accents, the mirrors on the wall, and of course the rail-thin super model who won't be talking to anyone tonight, so don't even bother. It just screams pre-fall of communism luxury.

As for the wedding party, Ovechkin and Semin combined to give them, "impressive stacks of money." Well then. I usually go with the gift card to Dunkin Donuts, but they kind of went the other way with it.

Check out the rest of the full size pictures here.