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Text Of Ted Leonsis' E-Mail To Fans

Ted Leonsis sent out an e-mail to every single fan that bought a Wizards' ticket last season. The text of the e-mail is below.

Dear [Fan], 

Today, as we finalize our purchase of the Washington Wizards, is a day that my partners and I are very excited about. But we also know that this is just a small step in our pursuit of our ultimate goal - to bring an NBA championship to Washington, D.C.

That is a lofty goal and an important one for which to strive. We have prepared for this day, and I hope that you will see in our new company, Monumental Sports & Entertainment, a strategic and unrelenting pursuit of that goal.

We can expect some early "wins" - the NBA Draft on June 24 will be an exciting day for the franchise as we were fortunate enough to win the lottery and we choose first. However, reaching that ultimate goal of a championship requires patience. There is no quick answer, no button any of us can push to produce a winner. I believe, however, that the Wizards' future is bright, and we enter this endeavor having learned a lot about what it takes to build a championship-caliber team and a team built to last.

It will require a group effort. I consider a sports team a public trust, and we will only reach our goals with the cooperation of our fans, staff, corporate partners and players. We have no better partners than our season-ticket holders. I look forward to getting to know you personally and all of our fans, engaging with them and understanding their concerns. One of the first things we did with the Washington Capitals was to listen intently and then take earnest, meaningful steps to improve the fan experience at our games. With your feedback, we plan to do the same with the Wizards.

I will be open, accessible and honest with our fans - I believe in transparency. This won't be the last you hear from me, whether it be in the media, on my blog or via, and you can expect consistent communication from my partners and our staff as well. We are in this together; it promises to be a memorable journey.

Thank you in advance for your support of our efforts. We are humbled by this great opportunity. We hope to make you proud.

Ted Leonsis