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Hall Of Fame Pitcher Bob Feller Will Watch The Washington Nationals' Stephen Strasburg On Sunday

In an appearance this afternoon on the MLB Network Radio show “Power Alley” with Kevin Kennedy and Jim Duquette, Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller joked about the strict pitch counts Stephen Strasburg and other young pitchers are held to these days, telling the show’s hosts:

Bob Feller: “If they had the pitch counts when I was a kid and came up, I’d never have gotten out of the third …”

The veteran of 18 MLB seasons with the Cleveland Indians, who was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1962 -- 26 years after he’d made his own MLB debut -- tells writer Anthony Castrovince in an article entitled, “Feller eyeing Strasburg’s blossoming career,” that “…he was just 17 years old when he struck out 15 St. Louis Browns batters in nine innings in his first Major League start on Aug. 23, 1936.” The 91-year-old Feller tells the writer he’ll be there at Progressive Field in Cleveland on Sunday when Strasburg pitches against Indians…