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Washington Nationals' Stephen Strasburg Delivers David Letterman's Top 10.

David Letterman, who claims to have, “…spent seven years of my life in the Dominican Republic as a scout,” says he hasn’t seen anything like Stephen Strasburg’s MLB Debut, so he invited the Nats’ starter on the Late Show with David Letterman to read Thursday night’s “Top Ten”:

• Little Known Facts About Stephen Strasburg:

10. To keep my focus on pitching I sleep on a mound of dirt.

9. Every morning I spread Icy Hot on my toast.

8. Got 3 of my 14 strikeouts while Twittering.

7. To celebrate my first big league win I bought a Hot Tub Time Machine.

6. I wasn’t really good til I got bitten by that radioactive spider.

5. Dumb guys think I directed E.T.

4. I also scored the winning goal for the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals.

3. I blew my signing bonus on laser back hair removal.

2. Don’t even try to talk to me before a start or while I’m watching “Glee”.

1. If I would’ve known I’d be on Letterman, I wouldn’t have pitched so well.