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Half Smokes Highlights: The Nationals Are Throwing It Way Back Tonight

Each weekend, we'll take a look at some of the best D.C. related videos the internet hast to offer with Half Smokes Highlights.

The Indians are holding a Turn Back The Clock game tonight, which means if you tune in to tonight's game, you'll see all of the throwback stuff you've come accustomed to for throwback games. There will be throwback uniforms, old-school organ music and classic manual scoreboards to accompany the festivities.

So when are the teams throwing back to? The 80's? No, Washington had no team, hence no 80's uniforms to choose from. The 70's? No! The 60's? Borrrrrrrring. The 20's? That's more like it

In order to get you in the mood for tonight's game, here's some footage of Walter Johnson, the Washington Senators' Hall of Fame pitcher from back in the 1920's.


Some quick thoughts of the highlights:

  1. Needs more Strasburg.
  2. Both teams should force their pitchers to try to throw like Big Train Walter Johnson. Their futile attempts would be worth the price of admission by itself.
  3. Walter Johnson started 666 games in major league career from 1907-1927. The current Nationals pitching staff has combined to start 792 games in their collective careers. Walter Johnson started in 666 by himself.