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Brian Westbrook Visits With Donovan McNabb, Broncos Appear To Be Out Of The Running

Brian Westbrook still may not have a contract offer, but it appears more and more likely if anyone is going to sign Westbrook, it's going to be the Redskins.

Bill Williamson is reporting that the Broncos are hoping that J.J. Arrington can fill the team's needs for a third-down back.

Meanwhile, Donovan McNabb hosted a kids' football clinic in New Jersey where Brian Westbrook made a guest appearance. While he was there, he spoke with Matt Terl of the Redskins Blog and had this to say:

Brian Westbrook on #Redskins: "It's a great fit for me; it just has to make sense financially as well." #NFL

Now the question becomes whether or not the Redskins are willing to pay the kind of money it takes to bring Westbrook into the fold, or if they're content with their current stable of running backs. We'll see if either side caves, or if another team tries to swoop in, such as the Rams, as we get closer to training camp.