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Several Teams Still Interested In Westbrook's Services

Jorge Castillo has more quotes from Brian Westbrook's appearance at Donovan McNabb's football clinic today, all of which reinforce that Westbrook would like to play in Washington, but only for the right price. He insists that he still has several options on the table.

Westbrook confirmed that the Redskins' offer is still on the table and that other teams are still interested.

"Right now I'm just talking it over with my agent and trying to make sure that we find the best fit for me," he said. "Several teams are interested. We've been talking back and forth with several teams."

According to Dan Hellie, Westbrook says more than three teams are interested and he is hoping to make a decision "soon." One can only assume that means that he's hoping that someone will increase their offer to a more acceptable rate sooner rather than later.