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Breaking News: Stephen Strasburg Is Not Elvis

The Stephen Strasburg traveling circus will be stopping in Cleveland tomorrow, where the Indians have already sold 8,000 additional tickets since it was determined that Strasburg would be pitching.

The young star pitching every five days means that he'll get to pitch in plenty of different cities. It also means we'll get to hear plenty of quotes like this one from Sandy Alomar, Jr.

"His stuff is the real deal, but let's not make this Elvis coming back from the dead."

He may not be Elvis, but did manage to compare him to Michael Jordan. TIcket sales and merchandise sales are sure to increase for home teams whenever Stephen Strasburg comes to town. He'll be a cash cow for many financially struggling teams, just like Jordan was.

Strasburg's first stop in Cleveland of course will also evoke comparisons to the city's greatest superstar, Lebron James. Yes, after one game, Strasburg is being compared to a multiple MVP winner. When Strasburg visits Pittsburgh, he'll be Sidney Crosby. When he visits Boston, he'll be Tom Brady. And when he visits Oakland he'll be... um... Chaz Schilens?