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Conference Realignment: Local Teams Staying Put For Now

Sure, most of the conference realignment has happened out west so far, with Big XII on the brink of collapse as the Pac 10 and Big Ten swallow up schools to expand, but ripples could still reach D.C. area before the smoke clears.

Currently, Maryland has no desire to leave the ACC at the present moment. Athletic Director Kay Yow says the Terps have not received an offer from the Big Ten and have no desire to head elsewhere.

"The Big Ten is a terrific conference, but Maryland is a charter member in 1953 of the ACC and we are happy in the ACC. These are deep roots."

As Jeff Barker goes on to write, Yow went out of her way to declare the Terps are not interested in switching conferences, which has to be refreshing to Maryland fans, as well as the ACC. Out of all the conferences, the ACC appears to be the one most likely to stay put, but depending on how everything shakes out, they may have to bring in more schools in order to keep pace with the other major conferences.

The key to all of this is where Kansas winds up. If Kansas wants to cling to a spot in a major conference, their best shot might be the Big East. But according to Matt Perrault, bringing the Jayhawks into the Big East might not sit well with several schools in the conference, including Georgetown, who could break off from the Big East and form their own conference if Kansas joins. 

It still appears all the local teams will be playing with the same conferences next year, but there are still plenty of dominoes to that have to fall before we can say for sure.