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Pre-Game And First Inning: Three Up, Three Down, Two Ks


  • In broadcasting, they teach you how to tease the audience to make sure they come back after the commercial break. Before the pre-game show went to break, Bob Carpenter teased the audience by saying they would talk about who would try to stop the Indians' hot streak today. I think I know who they're going to say!
  • Cleveland is wearing their alternate throwback uniforms today, not to be confused with the 1920's garb they wore last night. If Cleveland wears any more throwback uniforms this weekend, people will start expecting Bob Feller to pitch.
  • Bob Carpenter on Strasburg's first pitch: "The glove goes bang." Thanks, Bob.
  • One batter up, one batter down. Strasburg still on pace for 27 Ks today.
  • Still a lot of people making their way to their seats for today's game. Strasburg starts need to be treated like traveling to the airport for a flight. Plan to leave a few hours early, people.
  • Strasburg works up a full count on Shin-Soo Choo before striking out on a 99 mph sinker. Nasty, nasty stuff. Still on pace for 27 Ks today.
  • Carlos Santana finally hits something into fair territory, only to fly out to Josh Willingham. The dream for a 27 strikeout performance is gone, but Strasburg can still throw a perfect game. 
  • Of course, the plan is to keep Strasburg to 100 pitches or less. He got through the first throwing 15 pitches, which puts him on pace for 6 2/3 innings.