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Fourth Inning: Strasburg Gives Up Two Walks, Dunn Homers To Give Nats 2-1 Lead

  • Adam Dunn is owning David Huff today. After getting a double in his first at-bat, Dunn hits a blistering shot into the seats to give the Nationals a 2-1 lead. Sometimes, you can almost take Dunn's Thor-like power for granted, but he has a way of sending out reminders just when you're about ready to forget about his slugging ability.
  • Mark Zuckerman drops a factual nugget regarding Strasburg and strikeouts. As you probably remember, he struck out his final seven batters on Tuesday and his first two today. That makes for nine straight strikeouts, which puts him in exclusive company "Only 5 pitchers have recorded 9 straight Ks in the last 10 years: Benoit, Nolasco, Peavy, Gagne and #Strasburg."
  • Strasburg gets Shin-Soo Choo on a wicked curve ball for his first out of the inning. Choo has a 10 game hitting streak coming into today, that might not last for long.
  • My brother (an extremely casual fan) on Strasburg against the Indians: "He is ruining their lives right now."
  • Strasburg finally shows a brief glimpse of humanity, walking Carlos Santana. Oh well.
  • Strasburg gets a little too cutesy against Hafner, who homered off Strasburg in the second, and proceeds to walk him.
  • After avoiding the zone on the first two pitches of the at bat against Austin Kearns, Strasburg cranks up the heat and records his sixth K of the day.
  • Strasburg finishes off the inning by fanning Russel Branyan with a 96 mph fastball. That makes for seven strikeouts through four innings.
  • Tallies through four: 63 pitches, 39 stirkes, 24 balls, 2 walks, 1 hit, 1 run, 7 Ks.