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Fifth Inning: Strasburg Surrenders A Walk, Gets Another K


  • Carpenter: "Strasburg has created more job opportunites for statisticians." In a roundabout way, I think this live-blog is proof of that.
  • The grounds crew and does some repair on the mound around the pitcher's landing. If I was Stephen Strasburg, I would demand repairs after every pitch. Coincidentally, I would be the biggest diva ever.
  • With every minute the ground crew takes to repair the mound, Strasburg gets an extra minute to rest. I'm sure the Indians are thrilled about this.
  • Rob Dibble takes the mound delay as an opportunity to, predictably, lament about throwback uniforms.
  • Peralta goes down swinging. Strasburg picks up strikeout No. 8.
  • Former National Anderson Hernandez gets a walk, but Strasburg gets a pop out and a ground out to end the inning.