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Sixth Inning: Strasburg Gets Run Support, Gets Pulled After 5 1/3 Innings

  • After five innings of solid pitching, David Huff finally breaks down in the sixth inning as the top of the lineup returns for their third go-around. Josh Willingham, Ivan Rodriguez and Ian Desmond come up wit big hits as the Nationals extend the lead to 6-1. Barring a collapse from the bullpen, Strasburg has plenty of run support for the rest of the game.
  • Finally, Shin-Soo Choo makes contact, but only hits a soft liner for an out.
  • Carlos Santana records the first non-home run hit of the day for the Indians and now the pitching coach wants to have a little chat. Strasburg seems to be slowing down a little bit and I think the Nats are hoping to get him through this inning before they take him out.
  • The talk didn't do much help. Travis Hafner walks and on the fourth ball, Strasburg's plant foot slid slightly as he released.
  • The ground crew is back out to work on the mound again. You have to wonder if the mound conditions are starting to get in Strasburg's head.
  • Strasburg walks Austin Kearns and that will be it for Strasburg on the day.
  • Drew Storen does a marvelous job getting out of a bases loaded jam, forcing Russell Branyan into a pop fly and striking out Jhonny Peralta to get out of the inning. A nice outing for both of the future arms of the Washington Nationals.