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Half Smokes Heroes: Ted Leonsis And His Quick Reply

Each weekend Half Smokes Heroes will pay some respect to a group or individual flying under the radar who has gone above and beyond the call of duty during the week.

One of the many things that makes Ted Leonsis a good owner that Caps and Wiz fans can be excited about is his personal touch. Unlike some owners who are afraid to rub elbows with the people who line their pockets, Leonsis is always ready to interact with devoted fans.

One of his most well-known ways to interact with fans is through his e-mail account, where he responds to every fan inquiry. It's a great service, but it's one that rarely gets the respect it deserves until you have an understanding of just how many e-mails Ted Leonsis has to deal with:

And, I have read and responded to more than 700 emails from Caps and Mystics fans. All tolls - in three days - more than 1,000 emails read and processed. To be frank, most of your emails were very sincere and very nice. Thank you!

Yeah, that's rough, but don't worry, it gets better.

As you've probably heard, Ted Leonsis made a minor acquisition this week and celebrated by opening up another e-mail account to connect with interested fans. How's that new e-mail account working, Ted?

I have received close to 1500 emails to date. I am making my way through them all. Thank you.

Sure, most of those are probably about changing the team's name or colors, but that's still a lot of e-mails to wade through. And let's not forget, in addition to taking care of e-mails each day, Ted also maintains his blog, owns three professional franchises and invests himself in several other ventures. Does that qualify as enough to earn a Half Smokes Heroes award? Definitely, but I reserve the right to revoke the award if the Wizards don't draft John Wall.