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How Texas A&M And Virginia Tech Could Factor In Whether Or Not Maryland Changes Conferences

In the last stream update, I identified Kansas as a team that could play a big role in whether or not the ACC and Big East get sucked into conference realignment. Rich Tandler took a look at the conference realignment for CSN Washington and identified Texas A&M and Virginia Tech as two teams that could factor into whether or not Maryland tries to make a move for the Big Ten:

If the Aggies go to the SEC, that will leave the conference with 13 members. Since there are two divisions, scheduling and other factors work better with an even number of teams. That likely would lead the SEC to seek at least one more team to join the conference. And if it turns out that a 16-team conference has an opportunity to gain additional BCS berths, the SEC may look to add three.

That could lead to an SEC membership offer to Virginia Tech. If Yow sees a much weaker ACC emerging from what would then be a realignment earthquake, Maryland might look to the Big 10 as an escape route.