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It's a Strasblog! Nationals Take On The Indians On National TV

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In the last few days, he's been compared to Elvis, Michael Jordan, LeBron JamesKarl Spooner and just about every higher being possible. When you come into the majors with unprecedented hype and then exceed it in your first start, you will become a phenomenon rather quickly.

We've already seen how Cleveland has responded to being the second stop on the Stephen Strasburg summer tour, selling his jersey at the team store and boosting the team's ticket sales after it was announced he would be pitching at Progressive Field.

T.V. networks have responded as well, with TBS bumping today's Phillies-Red Sox game to broadcast Strasburg's second start. It says something when a network is willing to drop a game featuring two teams with large fanbases in major media markets in order to show a game featuring two teams stuck at the bottom of their respective divisions.

But that's the Strasburg effect. If you were watching on Tuesday when he made his debut, you understand what all the hoopla is about. If you didn't, you have your opportunity to see what it's all about today. Hopefully as you watch, you'll stop by and check out today's live-blog where we'll give you commentary on Strasburg's second start as it happens.