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Morning Commute: Stephen Strasburg's Worst Is Still Pretty Good

Stuck in D.C. traffic? Here's your daily morning roundup.          

My thoughts on Stephen Strasburg's second start pretty much mirror Chris Needham's. Strasburg clearly didn't have his best stuff yesterday. He was erratic with his command and missed with a lot of his pitches. Some of that was the pitching mound, but a lot of it was Strasburg himself. 

And yet, even despite all that, Strasburg only allowed two hits in five and a third innings. He struck out eight, and while none looked as impressive as some of his strikeouts against the Pirates, they were still strikeouts. And, of course, there's the bottom line, which is that the Nationals won the game. Sure, it was Cleveland, but Strasburg ultimately got the job done. 

Like Chris wrote, if that's Strasburg at his worst, that might be more encouraging than Strasburg dominating. 

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