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Presenting SB Nation Team Pick: Your Ticket To Great Deals For Sports Fans

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We at SB Nation have alway felt you, the reader, is what powers this network. As much as we try our best to write compelling, interesting things, at our core, we try our best to serve you, the fan, whether it's on a team level, a national level or, now, a regional level. 


So it is with great pleasure that I want to tell you all about SB Nation Team Pick, our new initiative to give you access to all sorts of special deals on the kinds of goods and services that sports fans want. We're talking about stuff like discounted sports tickets, restaurant coupons and special deals at sports bars, among other things. As SB Nation readers, we think you should get access to these kinds of things. Now, you can.


All you have to do is click this link to sign up for a listserv that will let you know about all these deals. Our first giveaway: $20 worth of food and drinks at Buffalo Billiards for just $10. The deal expires on Thursday, so sign up now to have access to it and many others.