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Carlos Rogers Still Hasn't Signed His Restricted Free Agent Tender

While Rocky McIntosh signed his restricted free agent tender before the June 15 deadline to do so, Carlos Rogers did not, according to Kelli Johnson of Comcast SportsNet.

Skins Carlos Rogers will not sign his RF tender;bcause he was a 1st rnd pick & given a low tender he can't lose any $;must by August though    

Why can't Rogers lose money? As Rich Campbell explains, normally, teams tender restricted free agency tenders that are greater than 110 percent of the players' salary the season before. If the player does not sign that tender by June 15, the offer automatically goes down to exactly 110 percent of the player's previous-year salary. However, in Rogers' case, the Redskins' initial offer was for exactly 110 percent of his 2009 salary, so the offer can't go down.

Therefore, there's no incentive for Rogers to sign a contract today. Sure, chances are slim that he'll be traded or be signed to a long-term deal, but you never know. As long as he stands to lose nothing, he should wait.