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Boskovic Signing Could Impact Playing Time Of Others

SB Nation D.C. United Blog, Black And Red United, explains that the acquisition of Branko Boskovic could affect certain players' positions on the team's depth chart:

As for the rest of the team, while D.C. will not be making any other player moves immediately, this will certainly impact the roles of many. Cristian Castillo comes most obviously to mind. It seems like just yesterday we were excited about another attacking left sided midfielder coming to town. That midfielder now looks to be not long for the roster.

Aside from the impact Boskovic may have on the playing time of other players, it appears he will give United a much-needed boost in terms of experience:

Boskovic is the second most capped player in the short history of Montenegro's national team, and usually served as their captain during World Cup Qualifying. He can reportedly play either central midfield, or on the left wing.

There's one thing for certain. Boskovic is a winner. He's won Cups and league titles both in Serbia-Montenegro while playing for Red Star Belgrade and now in Austria with Rapid Vienna. He got as far as the third round of the UEFA Cup in 2002. And best of all, Boskovic is already used to beating up on a team owned by Red Bull.