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Morning Commute: Amateur Analysis Of Hershey's Calder Cup Win

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Stuck in D.C. traffic? Here's your daily morning roundup.          

I'm not smart enough to understand all the ins and outs of hockey strategy. I like hockey, but the tactical side of the game isn't my forte. That said ... am I on base to say that the Bears won the Calder Cup using pretty much the same basic strategy as the Capitals? They won with a high-powered offense, not with the kind of puck control, defense-first strategy that supposedly wins in the NHL Playoffs.

Again, I could be off here, but it strikes me as interesting. If that style of play can win back-to-back Calder Cups, it should also be able to win a Stanley Cup, right? If the answer is yes, then it's a sign that the Capitals don't need major changes in their style. Bruce Boudreau's system, which was heavily criticized after the Capitals' loss in the first round, can work. It just may require minor tweaks rather than a facelift.

So basically, I think patience is a virtue here. The Capitals don't need major changes; they just have to do what they do better.

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