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Madden, Horse, And Tecmo Bowl From Robert Henson's 'Man Cave'

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Some of our bloggers get to do some pretty cool things, but playing Madden (and various other childrens games) against one of the Redskins player has to rank right up there. Linebacker Robert Henson invited Ken Meringolo, who writes for our redskins blog, over to his place to do just that.

Highlights from Ken's evening after the jump:

First Impressions of Henson's crib:

When I walked in the door, on one side of the room Chris Wilson was playing one of his boys in Tecmo Bowl on an original Nintendo! On the other side was a wall-size projection of the familiar PS3 Madden screen.

I would have flipped that around and had Tecmo Bowl up on the big screen, but that's just me. On Henson's strategy;

Right before the kickoff though, he paused the game and went to make some subs. I knew what was coming. Sure enough, London Fletcher was given the night off and a young linebacker named Henson was inserted.

Yeah, London Fletcher is the better player, but we would all do the exact same thing.

On playing against a professional:

we looked away from the screen while the offense picked their play. When I was on offense, I would break the huddle and Henson would be sitting next to me, diagnosing my formation and calling out crazy audibles to his digital teammates. He would say "Run right", or "Screen!", or "Watch the play action!" And wouldn't you know it, he was pretty much dead on for the most part. You try running your play in Madden with a real NFL linebacker sitting on the couch next to you, calling your play out to the screen, moving his guys around like they were the damn '85 Bears.

There goes my, "running back wheel on every down" plan.

The Madden game, which Henson won handily, was followed by some Tecmo bowl, and even a game of HORSE on a mini basketball hoop on Henson's "Man-Cave." At this point, Robert Henson is a box of cheez-its away from being me in middle school (not really).

Check out the full write-up here for a more in depth breakdown of the Madden take-down, as well as some interesting thoughts Henson had on other players around the league.