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Albert Haynesworth Fallout: Bless The Internet

Surprise: Albert Haynesworth will not be attending the Redskins' mandatory minicamp, and has demanded a trade.

Who'd a thunk it?!

Actually, sarcasm aside, a lot of people didn't see this coming. To illustrate, fellow editors Brock and Mike have helped me compile some fun quotes, links, and tweets from before and after Haynesworth's announcement.


Phillip Daniels:

Albert is a key part of the team, and he will be ready to go. Just wanted to clear things up a little for the people who believe everything that writers put out there. Like the old saying goes: Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.

DeAngelo Hall:

“He’ll be completely bought in,” Hall said. “It won’t be any half [trying] on the football field. You may not like some things going on in the front office but at the end of the day, it has nothing to do with football. It’s 11 on 11, my 53 against yours and we’re going to war. … Anybody who’s been on this field knows we’re building something special. You’re either going to get on the bandwagon or you won’t be here.”

Via Redskins Insider:

Bruce Allen: Redskins will be "hardest-working" team in the NFL


RT @LarryWeisman GM Bruce Allen on Albert Haynesworth attending mini-camp: "He'll be here and we're expecting him to be in good shape."


Rich Tandler:

Hmm, so Haynesworth had no clue that the #Redskins under Synder might change coaches during the contract?

Jim Trotter:

albert is sending a message to the redskins that he's going to be a complete a$$ if he isn't traded. this could get really ugly/interesting

LaVar Arrington:

wow this is about to get real ugly

LaVar Arrington:

Albert haynesworth you will regret these decisions for the rest of your life!this will define your career and thats a shame!

Chris Russell:

Another #Redskins player checks in on Haynesworth. "He loves money & not football. He is a great actor. Actors get paid a lot of money."

Chris Russell:

As of late last week, I was told Haynesworth was still planning on attending but "nothing has changed" so this is next step. Not surprising.

Chris Russell:

One #Redskins player who knows Albert #Haynesworth well - when asked what he thought of decision to skip, simply said "A**hole" #NFL #Skins

Dan Steinberg:

Over/under on percentage of media questions in Ashburn tomorrow involving the word "Albert": 83.

Mike Wise: ("As minicamp nears for the Redskins, Albert Haynesworth isn't the real story")



Me, last year, to my friend who is an obnoxious Eagles' fan:

Dude, with Haynesworth in the fold, we are gonna have the sickest defense in the league!

Me, now, to my own mouth:

/Duct Taped Shut