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Albert Haynesworth Will Be Fined For Missing Mandatory Team Activities

According to CSN Washington, any mandatory team activities that Albert Haynesworth misses while still employed by the Washington Redskins will result in a fine:

Haynesworth will be fined for not participating in the camp and if he doesn't report for training camp, that also carries daily fines.

How long Haynesworth is fined for could depend on how long it takes for the Redskins to find a willing trade partner. While management denies having shopped him prior to the NFL draft, the present circumstances make a trade extremely likely:

Coach Mike Shanahan and general manager Bruce Allen have been adamant that they did not shop Haynesworth before the draft as a part of the Donovan McNabb trade. In late April, Shanahan said the only way the Redskins would consider moving Haynesworth if he failed to show up for a mandatory activity.