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Maryland Board Of Regents Member Weighs In On Realignment

From the Testudo Times and via the Baltimore Sun, University of Maryland Board of Regents Member Tom McMillen finally discussed why the Maryland's rumored move to the Big Ten was never really going to happen. Via Jeff Barker's story in the Baltimore Sun:

"With 7 million people in the Baltimore-Washington area, that's a very attractive market," said McMillen, a member of the Board of Regents who starred in basketball at Maryland.


"It's the almighty dollar that's running the show," said McMillen, who introduced legislation to restore balance between athletics and academics while a member of Congress in 1991. "For Maryland to go into the Big Ten, [consider] just the travel. You might as well forget about those kids going to class."


McMillen and others say Maryland couldn't simply ignore an offer from the Big Ten or other conference. But "I would think it would be very, very hard for Maryland to consider it" seriously, he said.

These thoughts are a bit different than what Maryland Athletic Director Debbie Yow's statements were a few days ago, but what McMillen is now saying speaks volumes about Maryland's current and future presence in the ACC. At least, for now.

Check out the rest of the Testudo Times entry for more Maryland realignment thoughts.