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Redskins Players Unhappy With Albert Haynesworth's Decision

Predictably, many of Albert Haynesworth's teammates aren't too thrilled with his decision to skip minicamp and ask for a trade. I wouldn't be either, to be honest.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post caught up with several current and former Redskins, and while none were willing to go on the record with their displeasure, they all made it clear that they were upset.

Several of the players (they all declined to comment on the record) criticized Haynesworth, who does not want to play nose tackle or any position in a 3-4 defense, for his actions after receiving $32 million from the Redskins in the first 16 months of his contract. Not surprisingly, some of Haynesworth's teammates continued to express concern that the situation could become a season-long distraction.

One Redskins veteran starter reminded me that Haynesworth rarely seemed happy last season despite receiving $41 million guaranteed money -- then the highest total in NFL history. So if the Redskins decline to trade Haynesworth and hold firm on their plan to have him play at a position he doesn't want to play, it's doubtful his mood would improve, the player said.

Chris Russell from 106.7 The Fan also talked to several Redskin players. Here are some of their responses:

One #Redskins player who knows Albert #Haynesworth well - when asked what he thought of decision to skip, simply said "Asshole" #NFL #Skins

Another #Redskins player checks in on Haynesworth. "He loves money & not football. He is a great actor. Actors get paid a lot of money."