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Hogs Haven Reacts To Haynesworth's Comments

Our Redskins blog Hogs Haven is understandably upset about the Albert Haynesworth situation. You can find their complete reaction to Albert and his agent's comments here, and you can find Albert's statement below. Here is their reaction to Haynesworth's release:

On being "assured" that he would play in a system that maximizes his potential:

Guess what? Things change. How about give it a chance. What hurts coming to camp and running through some drills with the coaches and players - THEN deciding? $100 million can't give "the most storied franchise" even that? You just stated your #1 goal is having the freedom to play to your strengths...again, stop BS'ing me that it's to help your team win. That again is another bloody lie.

On wanting to make plays for his teammates, and help the team win:

The 3-4 defensive linemen's job is solely to make plays to free your teammates. And for the 400 millionth time, this team will still use 4-3 fronts. You're lazy, and you're stalling to get your ass back in shape. As much as I hate gold diggers (like the one you knocked up), you are now the poster boy for it.

What's really frustrating about this entire situation is that this is the last minicamp before training camp. As Doc Walker mentioned yesterday, this 3 days of practice is meant for Shanahan to set the tone for players to continue to work hard with their month of July off. What a terrible way to break from camp. One of the the intrical parts to Carter and Sackpo's seasons is no longer part of the team. Shanahan originally planned to give the last day of practice off to the players for all their hard work so far. We'll have to see what happens next. Never a dull moment in Ashburn.

Finally, a picture of Albert Haynesworth contract negotiations, from Hogs Haven's perspective.