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Morning Commute: Trying To Explain The Albert Haynesworth Ire

Stuck in D.C. traffic? Here's your daily morning roundup.           

Before we get to the links around the SB Nation network, I have one thing I want to say really quickly about the Albert Haynesworth situation. It appears everyone is angry with him, and they should be. I'm angry at him too.

But I also want to shoot down the obvious comparison to the Gilbert Arenas situation for the Wizards. This isn't to say Arenas gets a free pass or anything, but in sports terms, his crime is far less severe than Haynesworth's. (In legal/moral terms? I can't argue that). The bottom line with Albert Haynesworth is that he is refusing to compete. He's demonstrating that he is too angry to even go on the field. In other words, he's basically not even trying.

Arenas, on the other hand, clearly tries. His work ethic is legendary, even as he remains his quirky self. Clearly, I think it's pretty safe to say that, as much as Arenas wants to help his team, he isn't always smart about how he goes about it. That's clear. But at least he's in the gym and always trying. He's fulfilled the most basic duty a professional athlete can fulfill.

Right now, we can't say the same about Haynesworth, which is why his crime, in sports terms, is worse. 

Today's links from around the SB Nation network:

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  • Japers Rink has yet another comprehensive evaluation, this time of GM George McPhee.
  • Testudo Times reacts to the school's decision to hire Harvard's John Tillman as its new men's lacrosse coach.
  • Federal Baseball has a comprehensive breakdown of all the pitches Stephen Strasburg threw in his last start.
  • Black and Red United has even more thoughts on the designated player contract for Branko Boskovic.
On tap at SB Nation DC: Jordan's high school column is going up today, and Ken will bring you his latest Top Five power rankings column.